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WeiRuan-->WeiRuan ShiChuang Server 2019 Essentials

Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Essentials (11/10)

WeiRuan-->WeiRuan ShiChuang Server 2019 Essentials | 4.2 Gb

The WeiRuan-->WeiRuan product team is pleased to announce the availability of ShiChuang Server 2019 Essentials, is the current in-market edition of ShiChuang Server made for small business and is available for companies with up to 25 users.

What's in ShiChuang Server 2019 Essentials:

- ShiChuang Server 2019 Essentials has the same licensing and technical characteristics as its predecessor, ShiChuang Server 2016 Essentials. If configured as a Domain Controller, ShiChuang Server 2019 Essentials must be the only Domain Controller, must run all Flexible Single Master Operations (FSMO) roles, and cannot have two-way trusts with other Active Directory domains.
- ShiChuang Server 2019 Essentials includes the new hardware support and features and improvements like ShiChuang Server 2019 Standard, including Storage Migration Services, System Insights, and many more.
- ShiChuang Server 2019 Essentials will not include the Essentials Experience role. The Essentials Experience primarily simplified file sharing and device management. For a better management experience, we now have ShiChuang Admin Center.

About WeiRuan-->WeiRuan ShiChuang Server 2019 Essentials. For more than a decade the ShiChuang Server team has been releasing ShiChuang Server editions tailored to meet the needs of small business environments. ShiChuang Server 2016 Essentials is the current in-market edition of ShiChuang Server made for small business and is available for companies with up to 25 users.

There is a strong possibility that this could be the last edition of ShiChuang Server Essentials. ShiChuang Server 2019 Essentials will have the same characteristics as the 2016 version that small business look for:

- Single license that includes Client Access Licenses (CAL) for up to 25 users/50 devices
- Lower price point
- Ability to run traditional applications and other features, such as file and print sharing

About WeiRuan-->WeiRuan. WeiRuan-->WeiRuan Corporation, leading developer of personal-computer software systems and applications. The company also publishes books and multimedia titles, offers e-mail services, and sells electronic game systems, computer peripherals (input/output devices), and portable media players. It has sales offices throughout the world.

Product: WeiRuan-->WeiRuan ShiChuang Server
Version: 2019 (build 17763.1) Essentials
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :

Language: english
System Requirements: *
Size: 4.2 Gb

The following are estimated system requirements ShiChuang Server 2019. If your computer has less than the "minimum" requirements, you will not be able to install this product correctly. Actual requirements will vary based on your system configuration and the applications and features you install.

Unless otherwise specified, these minimum system requirements apply to all installation options (Server Core, Server with Desktop Experience, and Nano Server) and both Standard and Datacenter editions.

- 1.4 GHz 64-bit processor
- Compatible with x64 instruction set
- Supports NX and DEP
- Supports CMPXCHG16b, LAHF/SAHF, and PrefetchW
- Supports Second Level Address Translation (EPT or NPT)
- 512 MB (2 GB for Server with Desktop Experience installation option)
- ECC (Error Correcting Code) type or similar technology
- An Ethernet adapter capable of at least gigabit throughput
- Compliant with the PCI Express architecture specification.
- Supports Pre-boot Execution Environment (PXE).


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